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I use Linux...

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Linux DEAD on the Sony PS3

bad news for Linux fans on the Cell and BBE processor platform. Sony have decided to 'drop' the OtherOS feature of the PS3 which let the system be used for Linux. This comes into effect immediately with firmware 3.21 - released on April 1st. Its no joke, this is real.

distributed computing


been counting up some more workload units for some distributed computing projects - ( and folding@home (

we have a LULU team in (LULU)

and theres a Loughborough University team in folding@home (id 146076)

come and join in the fun. make us No.1 !


no more D2OL


just a quick reminder or notification - those of you taking part in the D2OL distributed computing project - this project finished accepting/supplying new work units last week. as a project which had a Linux client (java based) this means one less for us Linux users to partake in.

never mind - boinc and dnetc are still going strong.

Next Meeting

Wednesday 14th January, 19:00 Swan in the Rushes

Other Groups and Societies

Other groups and societies

There are some other Linux user groups in the region which may also
be of interest :-

advpoll module updated

updated to the latest version of advpoll - should remove errors being seen/reported.

Distributed Computing Projects


should LULU create (or advertise the presence of) specific teams within the current major distrobuted computing projects for LULU members to join?

There are Linux clients for most of the major ones - though
members should feel free to use non-Linux boxes to bump the crunching power up :-)

BOINC (the place for SETI@Home et al)

what say you all?



been having a play with a few of the available JeOS distributions. For those not yet familiar with the terminology, a JeOS (pronounced "Juice") is a very cut-down version of the distro that is designed for a very small footprint install onto a virtual server. Some of the installs are very small. reason? you dont need all that bloat of a full operating system if its running in a virtual environment. Some of the JeOS available are: Ubuntu, SUSE. Not sure about Ubuntu LTS certification but SUSE state that anythign certified for SUSE Enterprise will also be cert'd for their JeOS drop too.

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