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Fedora Core 8 is End Of Life (EOL) soon!


just a quick heads-up for those of you who arent on a notify list etc.

This is a reminder that as of January 7, 2009, Fedora 8 will be
end-of-life and no further updates, including security updates, will
be released at that time, and new builds will not be allowed in the

Also as of that date, all open bugs against Fedora 8 will be CLOSED WONTFIX.


fedora-announce-list mailing list

As of the weekend of 10/11th January a message was posted to state that EOL was now in effect.
There will be no more security/bugfix updates for FC8.

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LULU Meeting Plan


we're currently planning our next meeting. Plan is either a formal get together with some demos and technology or an informal meeting/chat at a local pub. Please send comments or suggestions to the mailing list!

Under Construction

This site is still being developed and major changes will occur at any time without notice. If this was the 1990's their would be a symbol of a man digging and a black and yellow banner.

Ah, what the hell, lets go retro...

Under Construction

Anyone with input ideas or drupal experience please get intouch (especially if you can create a cool theme for LULU).


Linux Users Mailing List

Courtesy of Loughborough University IT Services, this group has a dedicated mailing list - This has proven a very valuable self-help resource, as a quick and easy way of putting local Linux users in touch with one another.

To join the lulu mailing list, send mail to containing the message body subscribe lulu. The mailing list has an archive, which may be of interest.

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