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Linux DEAD on the Sony PS3

bad news for Linux fans on the Cell and BBE processor platform. Sony have decided to 'drop' the OtherOS feature of the PS3 which let the system be used for Linux. This comes into effect immediately with firmware 3.21 - released on April 1st. Its no joke, this is real.

The cause was further in-roads in the cracking community enabling piracy of PS3 titles....the OtherOS function was hijacked in the latest Sony decided to close that hole...this looks like its terminal - certainly no news of a revisit of this function.. the new PS3 slim model didn't have it at all (also didn't have PS2 emulation either)

If you are using the PS3 seriously for research etc then DO NOT install 3.21 firmware onto it or it'll become just a media-centre/game-box and BluRay massive number cruncher anymore...which is a big shame. those Cell CPU PCI-X cards are still WAY too expensive :-(